ANTONIO de la MALENA, Cantaor (singer)

Antonio de la Malena has been a cantaor, a professional flamenco singer, since the age of 11 when he appeared in the seminal documentary, Rito y Geográfico del Flamenco. As a teenager, he was often invited to perform in the weekly presentations Jueves Flamencos organized by Manuel Morao in his home town of Jerez de la Frontera (Spain). By the time Malena was in his early 20s, he was touring as far away as New York in the major Broadway show Gypsy Passion, also organized by Manuel Morao (who was its lead guitarist).

More recently, Malena has twice been awarded the prize of best singer in the pretigious annual Festival de Flamenco de Jerez (Spain). He has given recitals in many countries in Europe as well as in the United States, but he is best known as an accompanist for dancers including Antonio el Pipa and most especially, María del Mar Moreno. In this capacity, he has toured in every continent of the world except Australia and Antartica.

In addition to this music album, Malena has two earlier solo albums of flamenco fusion, and also sings solos in many flamenco album collections.

Manuel Parrilla


Manuel Parrilla is a well-known flamenco guitarist from Jerez de la Frontera who has accompanied many great singers, including Manuel Moneo, Tomasa la Macanita, Dolores Agujetas and Antonio Reyes. He has his own solo album Pa Mi Gente, is the only guitar accompanist on music albums of several well-known singers, and also was invited to contribute track on the compilation album Honores a Paco de Lucía.

Domingo Rubichi


Domingo Rubichi is also one of the leading guitarists in Jerez de la Frontera. Son of the recently deceased singer Diego Rubichi, he often accompanied his father and has also been accompanist for many of the best singers in Jerez including Tomás Rubichi and José Mijita.

Malena Hijo


Malena Hijo, son of this album's lead artist, has been accompanying both his father and his uncle Manuel de Malena (another cantaor) since he was a teenager. He has toured extensively with the flamenco company of María del Mar Moreno (with which his father works), and spends several weeks each year in Japan playing for a Japanese flamenco company.

Santiago Moreno


Santiago Moreno, another young guitarists with the flamenco company of María del Mar Moreno (and brother of its protagonist), has been playing professionally for the past 10 years. His work as a guitarist has mostly been in support of his famous sister, a world-class dancer.


Manuel de Malena, Palmeros, Chorus, Other Singers for Fin de Fiesta

Manuel de Malena, brother of Antonio de la Malena, is invited artist who sings one track on this double album, a taranta. Palmeros include el Bob, Alejandro Ortíz and Diego de Malena. A number of other invited artists contributed their singing to the fin de other words, lots of excitment!

The Guitarists

(l to r) Manuel Parrilla; Domingo Rubichi; Malena Hijo (missing: Santiago Moreno)